It's been a number of nights so far that I've been able to look through my telescope with your 10" 1/10 pv mirror installed.
What I want to say, is that I am hugely impressed with the image quality and resolution the mirror produces. Never before was I able to see such faint and small details on Jupiter, Saturn, Mars, and the Moon. Yesterday I had one of these two-three nights per year with great seeing, and the OOUK mirror showed things I've never seen before in real-life visual observing. You made my day, eergh rather my night ;)
The 10" Taiwanese mirror I had before was good, but it came nowhere near your optics. The Hi-Lux also makes the images brighter apparently.
So, I'd like to thank you once again for the great product, and wish you, and your company all the best.


I am using a 7” Mewlon, it never quite matches up to the APO like views, I have often pined for a bit more aperture in a small scope. Thanks to my friend I recently purchased an OMC200 and have been using it for two sessions this week.
What can I say about it? Simply put everyone should have one! In my last report I was actually using the scope at x400 in daylight on the moon. Well tonight it was x400 in the dark – the contrast is APO like – the detail is amazing. The craters are black and the high contrast allows the finest of details to be seen. Almost too much detail for me to sketch with my limited skills. I was so impressed I just had to stop racing along the terminator and concentrate on a small area.
On stars – tight and against a black background – wonderful. Superb diffraction rings when out of focus. Collimation is perfect despite its journey by road. There was me looking at a mag 12 double, at x 400. Colour in stars is much more obvious. Happily seeing colour in a mag 7 double, sep 1.6”, also in 8.5/8.9 double sep by 1.5”. I can now go hunting closer doubles and much fainter ones – joy oh joy – have to create new doubles lists to push this scope to the limits
Then I wandered through 9 open clusters in Auriga – delightful. Looked at M42, Beetlegeuse, Mu Ori and Rigel.
The finder scope is also excellent. The scope is out performing both the 7” Mewlon and the C9.25. Time to rationalise my scopes I think.
In the earlier hours I got out again this time for Jupiter watching. The air was so unsteady that it was not the best of times for putting the OMC through its paces. However despite the poor conditions I was getting a view that was as good as the 20” on its best nights and in fleeting moments I could see much more detail.
I also looked at the Leo Messier galaxies, again I felt the good contrast helped them stand out.
At this point I should exclaim “Wow, blown away” and no doubt a beginner would, but of course I knew the OMC would deliver. I knew I was using an instrument of quality. Hard to imagine a better scope for the aperture, overall size and weight. This is surely the scope that will see me out.

Fred - OMC200

I wanted OOUK to supply me with a top quality telescope to take my imaging to the highest level possible, the AG10 certainly does that and now I can produce images that are as good as the very best out there.

Peter Martin - N. Ireland - AG10

Revealing seldom seen ultra deep sky objects is what I strive for. The Orion Optics AG12 has exceeded my expectations in every way, it has proved to be the telescope that changed my imaging life!

Peter Shah - UK - AG12

I like to image at long focal lengths and the ODK 10 does this perfectly . . . it makes things a lot easier and each night’s session is a joy. I will definitely keep the ODK for a very long time.

Ezequiel Bellocchio - Argentina - ODK10

Having the right tools to produce unique and groundbreaking images is the dream of every astroimager. I love my Orion OpticsUK AG12, it has allowed me to push myself to new levels and truly reach for the stars.

Mike Sidonio - Australia - AG12

I concluded that I had to have the highest quality optics in a perfect carbon fiber tube and, to make it perfect and personal . . . I wanted a signed name plaque.
So I turned to the best I know and - most importantly - trust, when it comes to making the highest quality optics on extremely well built and very light tubes: Orion Optics UK! I've had several Newts and Maks from OOUK and all were of outstanding quality, so I knew exactly on which doorbell to ring!
Once again they surpassed my expectations and not only did they produce exactly what I was after and more beside. My CT8 brings me great satisfaction knowing I have the best telescope I dreamed of for my imaging.

Paulo Mesquita - Portugal - CT8

I wanted an entry level scope to get into astrophotography and OOUK really helped me out, not only did they give me a scope with a top quality mirror, they helped me to understand it. I’ve been told by numerous people in the astrophotography field that I shouldn’t be getting the results that I’m getting, I put a lot of this down to the quality optics that I have in my VX6, Orion Optics have always been there for me whether it’s for advice, upgrades or just friendship.

Gareth Harding - UK - VX6