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AG X0.95 Wynne Corrector

The AG corrector design was formulated after several months of designing and field trials on different types of cameras and telescopes. Not only is this corrector used on all our AG models but, it also performs incredibly well on other manufacturers telescopes, mirror sizes and focal ratios.

Corrector mounted in FeatherTouch Focuser

Our AG  X0.95 Wynne corrector is very easily and efficiently used on many different sizes of paraboloids from the smallest up to large, 500mm mirrors. We illustrate this by displaying 8 options, 4 different mirror sizes with 2 popular imaging focal ratios for each. If you have a mirror which differs from any of these, please email us and we will gladly supply you with spot diagrams for your particular mirror. Illumination graphs are also available for any size of optic when using our AG corrector, please ask for specific plots for your mirror.

The corrector comprises of 4 elements of special glass types, two single lenses and a cemented doublet which enable the light from the telescope to be brought to a very wide, flat, false colour free focal plane of up to 60mm diameter field. The key to the design is the choice of some rare earth glass types and computer enhanced designing of the curves of the lenses. There are 4 lenses in our corrector, one more than competitors use for a specific reason. We have found that 3 lenses, which are commonly used in many systems, can produce good image qualities but, to get the best out of very accurate mirrors, you have to incorporate a fourth lens which enhances even further the optical performance. World famous imagers are unable to find any faults at all in their images. Cutting down the number of lenses in a corrector reduces the weight a little and reduces the cost a great deal but, it also reduces the performance, of that there is no doubt.

We designed the AG corrector to be a world leader in imaging performance, it lives up to it’s design parameters.