The VX Range

Excellent value telescopes – easily upgradable – an overall performer for serious astronomy.

We appreciate not everyone’s budget can cover the cost of a really excellent Newtonian telescope, similar to our CT range. In an effort to encompass some of the major benefits of our highest quality Newtonians we introduced the VX range of telescopes.

VX instruments are offered as standard with 1/6PV optics so you are immediately aware that your images are going to be excellent, far, far better than most other Newtonians on the market today, guaranteed. You also have the option to upgrade at the point of purchase to have even higher quality optics by selecting the ‘Optical Upgrade’ button. This gives you the option of increasing the accuracy from 1/6Pv to not only 1/8 but, to the Ultra level of accuracy, 1/10PV, all supplied with a Zygo interferometer report.

All models are fitted with a straight 50mm finder with an angled version as an option. All VX models are fitted with a quality 2″ focuser and 31.7mm adaptor. An aluminium tube allows the VX telescopes to be fitted to mounts easily because of the lower weight involved. Precision, fan cooled, 9 point suspension mirror cell gives perfect support and cooling to the main mirror allowing the accuracy of the mirror to be maintained when cooling and controlling the weight distribution with the nylon support points.

An excellent telescope range which will give some of the best images possible in a serious introductory telescope.