Terms and Conditions

Orion Optics accept orders and supply goods subject to the following conditions:

  1. All goods ordered will be subject to availability of the goods ordered.
    1a. All our telescopes and optics are made to order and as such we do not carry stocks of any complete models, including optical sets. We endeavour to comply with estimated order completion times but, as each and every one of our ‘scopes are hand finished to exacting standards, delays can and do occur. Every effort is made to adhere to approximate completion dates but, we put product quality above all else and as a result, we can go over completion dates as a consequence of having quality at the top of our list of priorities.
  2. Particularly with regard to imported goods all quoted prices are based on prices Orion Optics have to pay overseas suppliers. Sale prices may increase if currency changes are extreme. This will result in either a price increase or price decrease if the currency change is favourable. We will notify any customer whose order is affected by any currency changes. If any customer wishes to cancel after a price change notification, no penalty will result. In most cases prices are firm for many months.
  3. Orion Optics reserve the right to charge any additional costs due to inaccurate ordering of products or incorrect delivery addresses given by customers.
  4. All goods are to be paid for prior to them being despatched or collected. Any goods paid for by unguaranteed personal cheque will be despatched / collected after 5 working days have elapsed.
  5. If an item is ordered incorrectly by the customer, Orion Optics may accept it back for credit subject to the following conditions:- The item is a standard stock item and available from our current price list. Orion Optics is notified of the error within 5 calendar days of its receipt by the customer. The item to be credited must be undamaged and must be complete with original packing and any documentation or manuals which are unmarked. A credit note may be issued but a restocking charge of 15% of the original purchase price will be charged. Delivery charges will be refunded by Orion Optics if the contract is cancelled within the 14 working days period, outside this period, delivery charges will not be refunded and all return costs must be borne by the consumer. Any goods which arrive back damaged in transit will not be credited; it is the responsibility of the customer to insure the goods when returning to Orion Optics.
  6. Any goods to be returned for faults which are to be repaired under warranty or any goods which arrived damaged must have previously been agreed by Orion Optics prior to the goods being despatched by the customer to Orion Optics. No returned goods will be accepted without prior agreement.
  7. Claims for shortages, damage or tolerances must be made within 14 days of receipt of goods. Any attempt after this time frame can not be accepted.
  8. If any product is ordered and paid for from overseas and upon delivery the goods are declined for customs, duty and vat charges then this product will be returned to the shipping address, all charges to do with this order will be passed onto the purchaser including all storage fees that will be applicable. These charges can run into a very high value. We hold the right not to refund the order value due to the declined delivery, check with your country’s customs for charges which are applicable.
  9. All Orion Optics products carry a one year guarantee against faulty materials or workmanship unless otherwise stated in any literature*. Any product if found or thought to be faulty, must be returned to us and received within the 12 month warranty period to be considered for repair or replacement at the cost of Orion Optics. *The exceptions are aluminised mirror surfaces which have been cleaned by the customer or aluminised surfaces which show obvious signs of abrasion.
  10. Any defects or shortages must be reported as soon as possible having had reasonable time to examine the received goods. 14 days is a reasonable amount of time.
  11. Any goods ordered which are not a normal stock item may have to be paid for in full at time of ordering. Orion optics will advise customers of this requirement at time of order placement. Similarly, any item made as a special product to a customers requirement cannot be accepted back or cancelled for a refund, and, any deposit or payments towards these products are non returnable. Most special products can be modified within 2 weeks of customers order placement date. A guarantee if not specified for special ordered items out of the products advertised on the website will elapse after 6 months after taking receipt of goods B2B.
  12. Orion Optics adopt a policy to continually improve products, methods and materials, we reserve the right to change specifications from time to time, we will not make any significant variations without your agreement.
  13. ·  After a period of two calendar months have elapsed, from our advice of order completion, unless by prior arrangement, the ordered goods will be put in a storage lock up. A daily charge (£23.82)ex vat will be applied until a request for the goods is received. A 24 hour timescale for payment is given to pay the invoice; the goods are released for collection on that day. If no collection is done or payment is late the storage fees will continue.
  14. After a period of 6 months from the start of storage the ordered goods will be revert back to the property of Orion Optics and the order will be considered cancelled. All payments will then become non-refundable or we will continue with the storage fees for a further 6 months an ongoing review of the situation is done during this time. It is the customer’s responsibility to contact Orion optics during these times, Orion Optics will notify the customer in writing usually by email about these terms and conditions, they are also advised at the time of ordering and given another reminder to view them on the invoice.

Any telescopes or parts thereof left with us for refurbishment or repair etc, regardless of manufacturer, cannot be held indefinitely until paid for in total. As such, any goods on which we have carried out work and the customer has not collected the goods or contacted us after our completion advice to arrange a collection will be sold off after a period of 2 months after advice date of completion to offset our work carried out. The goods will be offered not at market value but purely at a value to offset our work and administration costs.

14. After agreement of a payment scheme being completed over a number of months there will be a cool off period of 90 days from time of order. If for any reason a cancellation is received after this time scale no monies can be refunded. Any products or services part paid will be sold to recoup the costs involved.

15.All web site products sold by Orion Optics are guaranteed for one year from date of purchase against faulty materials or workmanship. Where customers specifically ask for modifications or alterations to any of these products, including the addition of their own part or parts, to any of our standard products prior to purchase, to meet their own requirements, we take no responsibility whatsoever for any problems encountered by the modified product. This does not affect your statutory rights. Similarly, any of our products, especially telescopes, which have had modifications, additions or been partially or wholly disassembled etc carried out to it/them by anyone other than Orion Optics or one of our dealers, are no longer covered by our 12 month warranty. We cannot then guarantee either the performance of the product or the suitability and possible damage which has or may be caused to our products.

16.All carriage prices shown are for U.K mainland delivery only. Carriage charges for overseas, including UK off shore locations, will be calculated and added upon receipt of order, charges depend on weight, size of parcel and delivery location. Unfortunately we cannot accept the return of either optical sets, complete telescopes or optical tube assemblies for any reason, if the optics have been cleaned or removed at any stage by an agent not appointed by Orion Optics.

17.Due to a programme of continuous development, some aspects of telescopes may not be exactly as shown in web pages.

18.OPTICS FINISH Manufacturing precision optical surfaces, (in this category we include both mirrors and corrector lenses), involves many specialised procedures to achieve the high degree of optical precision, some of which occasionally leave surface blemishes on the optic (mirror and/or lens).

If there are a few sleeks or scratches on the optics’ surface they in no way effect the performance of the lens or mirror either visually or photographically and cannot be considered as an acceptable reason for any complaint. Small pits are occasionally visible due to processing in the polishing and figuring process, these again cannot be accepted as reason for complaint. We endeavour to have blemish free surfaces but cannot guarantee such. Accordingly, we have set our cosmetic surface finish at a high standard production tolerance as is practical. We apply an optics industry standard to our surfaces of 80/50 scratch dig which is a measure of an acceptable level of surface blemishes per optic is acceptable. If any attempt to clean the optical surfaces or coatings without prior contact with Orion optics will void the warranty or claim on that surface which has been cleaned, if for any reason there is a mark, blemish on the optics when it arrives contact and report it right away.

19. Our telescope mirrors are set and fixed in their mirror cells on delivery, this also includes string tape to help hold the optic in place, it helps keep the performance at its prime. There is no need to remove this tape as it could cause problems with the operation of the telescope and optical surface. Any attempt to do so should be checked with Orion Optics prior to removal. Our telescopes; for safety reasons have their optics sent separately of 300mm or larger. These are well packed and instructions of how to fit them in the telescope.


Sometimes, images used on this website may not be 100% accurate. As we have an ongoing policy of improvement, we constantly evolve and refine our designs. Sometimes we use pre-production images, sometimes we haven’t updated an image showing a specific modification. In any case we do not aim to mislead. Please be aware that such modifications are normally always in the customer’s interest.