The IDEAL Range

IDEAL telescopes – easily upgradable – an overall performer for astronomy.

We have designed the IDEAL range to be the best telescope you can buy for the money on the market, New features include new fully CNC machined multi 9 point cell design to increase strength and stability for the new smoother optics we have ever produced. A new method has been designed and tested which has revolutionised the polishing of optics to increase your contrast and detail of every subject you look at through the telescopes. A all new fully designed, machined and tested in house 2” rack pinion (R+P) Eris focuser with smooth lock to hold your eyepieces perfectly central in your telescope.

The Ideal range come standard with our impressive 1/6 pv optics, optional upgrades are available on ever model to 1/8pv and 1/10pv to heighten your experience of the telescope and night sky. A proven world standard we introduced over 20 years ago is the Zygo report of ever Telescope optic, the IDEAL range continues this standard.

As an added option we have given you the opportunity to make the telescope your own with a few Decals of choice, Standard with Black lettering and knobs, they are now available in Red, Orange and Yellow Lettering along with a finely painted ring on the knobs. A lovely touch to finish any IDEAL telescope off.

All models are fitted with a straight 50mm finder with an angled version as an option. All IDEAL models are fitted with a quality 2″ R+P focuser and 31.7mm smooth lock adaptor. An aluminium tube allows the IDEAL telescopes to be fitted to mounts easily because of the lower weight involved. Precision, fan cooled, 9 multi point suspension mirror cell gives perfect support and cooling to the main mirror allowing the accuracy of the mirror to be maintained when cooling and controlling the weight distribution with the nylon support points.

Probably the best telescope range which will give some of the best images possible in a serious introductory telescope. A must for any amateur astronomer whether you’re starting out in the hobby or a seasoned enthusiast.