Mirror Set for Ultrascope

Orion Optics UK are pleased to be able to provide optics for the Open Space Agency’s “Project Ultrascope” – The Ultrascope is a robotic telescope – or ARO – Automated Robotic Observatory, that will allow amateur astronomers to construct a do it yourself, 3.5 Inch mirror ARO that is able to conduct celestial photography and photometry. The construction uses 3D printed parts, the 3D files and instructions for the Ultrascope are available under an open license.

This type of project would have been almost impossible just 24 months ago. However the emergence of low-cost 3D printers and Laser-cutting, paired with microcontroller platforms such as Arduino and Lumia 1020 – with its 41 Megapixel CCD – mean that a project such as this is now eminently possible.

Find the optics required by clicking on the logo image and Click HERE to go to the project page.