ODK20 Images & info from ESO

Born in Taranto (Italy), Gianluca Lombardi works as an astronomer at ESO La Silla–Paranal Observatory and has been in charge of the E-ELT site testing at all Chilean sites since 2007.

Gianluca is an ESO Photo Ambassador, The ESO education and Public Outreach Department has proudly designated night-sky photographers with special ties to ESO as ESO Photo Ambassadors, assisting them whenever possible and further promoting their photos, so as to bring astronomy closer to people. His photos are published in magazines and books and used at conferences and exhibitions.

From the various links on the ODK 20 page you will find some stunning photography by Gianluca, not only of the ODK20 and VLT at ESO, Paranal but also breathtaking images of wildlife and landscapes.

Designated “pt5m” the modified ODK20 is a robotic 0.5m telescope on La Palma for atmospheric turbulence profiling and transient astronomy, operated by the Universities of Durham and Sheffield. You will also find links on the ODK20 page for more on pt5m.