Alt-Az mount

Alt-Az mount

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Deluxe Mount with slow motion controls and adjustable height tripod – approx. 7kgs instrument weight.

This Alt-Az is an extremely versatile and elegant high performance mount. The mount is particularly easy to use and warmly recommended to beginners, advanced amateur astronomers, photographers and nature observers alike!Coarse Adjustment and Slow Motion Controls:
The mount offers two methods of movement for each application. The integrated friction bearing allows you to simply move the mount with a push of your fingers – no need to handle locking screws or controllers! The other option is the worm bearings with slow motion control. This slow motion control provides a fine movement in both axes by manually turning the slow motion knobs. No refitting is needed: You can use both movement methods at the same time.

Quick Release Saddle Plate:
As yet another practical feature the mount has a quick release saddle plate that accepts most astronomical dovetail plates. Of course suitable plates are also available for birdwatchers and photographers! With such a plate you can attach any camera (video or photo), spotting scope or medium sized telescope. With this quick release device you can attach or remove an instrument in a matter of seconds. The quick release device also allows you to balance the instrument

Applications / Fields of Use:
Terrestrial Observing / Birdwatching … quick setup, begin observing within seconds … that’s what the mount offers. The adjustable height aluminium tripod offers an observing height of 90-130cm above ground. Binoculars or spotting scopes can be attached using the optional L-bracket. The mount is sturdy enough for any commercially available spotting scope we have seen so far, as well as any binoculars up to about 6kgs. The slow motion control allows you to follow birds in mid flight with no effort!

Photography … any camera can be attached to the mount. You only need a photographical dovetail plate (for portrait photography) or the L-bracket (for regular photography), allowing you to attach the camera to the mount within seconds. The mount is more sturdy than typical camera tripods and it offers a slow motion control (360 degree!). In addition it is possible to balance the camera with lens in most applications!

Astronomy … the mount is highly optimized for this application. It is particularly easy to use, requiring no advance knowledge from the user. There is no need to polar align the mount or to do a computer alignment. No power supply or other provisions are needed. Just attach the telescope and you are ready to start observing immediately.

The mount is ideal for medium sized telescopes, for example up to 200mm Newtonians (see photo opposite with SPX200 on the Mount) Recommended instrument load is approximately 7 kgs.

The slow motion control allows for smooth tracking of objects up to 300x magnification. With a little practice even higher magnifications are attainable.

With the mount’s arm in sloped position you will not have a collision between a longer telescope tube and the tripod – a frequent problem with many other alt-azimuth mounts.

Travelling … A slim design that is very well suited for travelling. If needed the arm of the mount can be removed with little effort. The mount can also easily be removed from the tripod. Each separate component is compact enough even for airline travelling.

(includes Mount Head and Aluminium Tripod)

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