The ODK Series


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Because of many, many possible clients asking us for a larger model in the ODK range we are now in the process of offering a 500mm model with a carbon truss type tube.

We made two similar models to the one we have now in production and these were supplied to the ESO and ENO observatories.

Brief specification of the ODK20 is shown it the table top right, it is indeed a marvellous instrument and is based around a design which has supplied data to assist in the control of these two enormous main instruments iat the Canary Islands and Paranal observatories.

As a minimum we recommend a Paramount ME to compliment the ‘scope or mount with similar carrying capacity.

We expect to customise several aspects of every model to your own specifications. We do not wish to impose a fixed design if a few modifications could suit your needs better. Prices quoted are for standard specification as above.

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Aperture 500mm
Focal Length 3400mm
Back focal distance from the back of the mirror cell +-1mm 255mm
Focal Ratio f/6.8
Tube Weight approx. 61kg
Tube Length 1180mm
Tube Material Carbon fibre sandwich with Struts
Secondary Size 199mm
Mirror Cell Honeycombe CNC machined alum.
Focuser Optional, ask for details
Corrector Design Multi coated 3 lens, 75mm dia.
Flat Field Size 60mm
Spot Size on Axis 2.4μm
Spot Size at Field Edge 6.0μm
Central Obstruction 39%
Primary/Secondary Material Schott Suprax
Optical coatings/Shape Hilux, AR Broadband, ellipsoid
Mirror / Tube Cooling 3 Controllable fans. Heaters optional
Attachment Method CNC machined alum. dovetail with supports