Straight finder 50mm wide field

Straight finder 50mm wide field

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We make available to our clients, two finders, both of 50mm aperture. Whilst we appreciate that more and more mountings are computer driven and have GoTo facilities, many astronomers still prefer to actually ‘find’ their object of choice by the use of a finder. Of course mountings with no GoTo feature has to rely on finders of various types and designs.

Orion Optics UK Ltd make two types of finder available, both are 50mm aperture with fully coated optics and cross hairs visible in the eyepiece to enable perfect centring of the object. Smaller finders are available as are larger ones but, we consider 50mm to be a perfect middle size aperture and is well capable of finding most of the objects you are likely to search for.

To allow for ease of use, especially in transportation, our finders are mounted in a fixed dovetail shoe which allows fast fitting and removal of the main body, also ensuring the finder’s alignment with the telescope.

Some users prefer straight through designs, others 90 degree viewing to ease the position of your head in viewing through the eyepiece. All the telescopes we produce which are fitted with a finder use our straight through version. For a small charge, the angled version is able to be offered in place of the standard straight through one.

50mm Straight through 8×50 finder. Includes fast fitting shoe base and full sprung loaded adjustment screws. Black body, textured metallic black mount and shoe.

Find celestial objects easily with a bright image. The straight view allows coarse aiming along the tube.

♦ Aperture 50 mm – multi-coated 2-element achromat lens

♦ 8x magnification for perfect overview

♦ Reticule eyepiece for exact centring of the objects

♦ Straight view – coarse locating by aiming along the tube

♦ Stable metal bracket – can be perfectly aligned to the telescope with 2 screws

♦ Bracket fits to all common finder shoes, you can use the finder immediately with your telescope

♦ With 50 mm aperture, many objects can be seen directly

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