VX10L Optical Tube Assembly

VX10L Optical Tube Assembly

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For astronomers wishing to explore the universe in more detail, we offer the VX10 and VX10L. Again as a comparison, these two models have almost 180% more light gathering power and 66% more visible detail available compared to the VX6 and VX6L. 250mm telescopes are capable of some very serious observing and photography. Numerous discoveries have been made by telescopes of this size.

Although the tubes are somewhat larger in diameter than the 150 and 200mm models, the actual amount of additional space they occupy is incredibly little but, for this small increase in it’s ‘footprint’ you gain a massive increase of performance.

The VX10 is the most popular of the two models, it has the big advantage of fitting across the back seat of every family car on the market leaving room for a passenger. Deep Sky is where this telescope will amaze you, add a camera adaptor with a T ring to your camera and the heavens will open to you. The VX10L is an unbelievable performer on higher power targets, planets, the Moon, double stars etc, whilst still being able to offer some excellent Deep Sky performance.

Optical upgrades are available for each model and are featured in the Buying Options table below. See the differences here to help you decide.

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