VX12L Optical Tube Assembly

VX12L Optical Tube Assembly

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To follow the trend of the description of the other, previous models in the VX range, the VX12 and VX12L have 400% more light gathering surface area and exactly double the amount of detail in the image of a VX6 or VX6L

We are now entering the area of large, very serious telescopes which, if used properly will give you both visual and photographic performance to dream of. The performance of the 1/6 PV wavefront optics guarantee you very good images indeed but, optical upgrades are available for each model and are featured in the Buying Options table below. See the differences here to help you decide.

The VX12 is a very fast f4 system and is one of the most popular optical designs used in Astro Photography of Deep Sky objects. The views of wide field star groups will make you gasp, they are truly amazing. Planets are still well within the capabilities of this telescopes along with views of the moon. Being virtually identical length to the VX10 telescope (both 1200mm focal length) the tube fits comfortably across the back seat of a car.

For some of the best planetary views you will experience, second only to the CT range the VX12L will offer detail which seemingly is to good to be actually possible, but, it actually does offer detail at the top level of the aperture and accuracy of the optical design, a planetary observers dream telescope.

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