VX16 Optical Tube Assembly

VX16 Optical Tube Assembly

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A 400mm telescope is a big telescope. It is not considered to be in the ‘transportable’ group unless you have suitable transport and, ideally, another pair of hands. If you have, you are about to unleash views of the heavens you never thought possible, it is a truly amazing experience using this telescope.
To carry on the comparison, the VX16 has over 7 times a brighter image than the VX6 and VX6L, that is an awful lot of light which not only increases the brightness of the image produced but, it also allows a higher contrast level of faint objects, objects which are way beyond the range of 300 or even 350mm telescopes.
All the mirrors having Hilux assist in the spectacle of the pitch black night sky to display galaxies you have only read about. Planetary images with over 2.6 times more detail will just amaze you, start to capture Deep Sky images on a CCD camera and then you are in a completely new world of astronomy.

The performance of the 1/6 PV wavefront optics guarantee you very good images indeed but, optical upgrades are available for each model and are featured in the Buying Options table below. See the differences here to help you decide.

Contemplating a VX16? – make sure you have a mount with ample load carrying capacity to ensure trouble free tracking and stability

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