VX6 Dob Optical Tube Assembly

VX6 Dob Optical Tube Assembly

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The VX6 and VX6L Newtonians are the ideal beginners introductory models to serious Astronomy. Both telescopes will give excellent results but both have their emphasis based on whether you are interested more in one area of astronomy as opposed to a general purpose telescope of which there is no such instrument. Every telescope is designed for a specific purpose, no single telescope can do every job perfectly – so, moving the design slightly to one area gives an increase of performance which will satisfy your needs overall.

The VX6 and VX6L are both good beginners telescopes, both capable of delivering very good images to your eye or, to a basic photographic system. The VX6 having a shorter focal length than the VX6L is more useful on general astronomy but leaning towards viewing galaxies, nebula and star clusters. The VX6L on the other hand is also an excellent first telescope but it will give you better, higher powered views of subjects like the planets, the moon, double stars etc whilst still having excellent performance on wider, deep sky subjects.

Optical upgrades are available for both these models at a modest price to give you even better performance from the mirrors. See the differences here to help you decide.

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