VX8 Optical Tube Assembly

VX8 Optical Tube Assembly

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VX8 and VX8L Newtonians are significantly larger than the VX6 and VX6L models. To give you some idea of by how much, the following description and figures will explain in detail for you.

The brightness of an object in a telescope depends on the size of the main mirror i.e. how much light it collects and sends to your eye, or camera. This is calculated based on the area of the mirror. In the case of the VX8 and VX8L telescopes, they both have over 40% brighter images than the VX6 and VX6L models. To add to that, the detail in a telescope’s image is controlled by the diameter, or aperture of the mirror. The VX8 and VX8L have mirrors 33% larger than the VX6 and VX6L. These two features give you not only a much brighter image but also, a much more detailed image allowing you to use higher magnifications on the telescope.

The VX8 is a telescope of f4.5 which, with the addition of a camera adaptor and camera, can give you some spectacular photographic performance, primarily on Deep Sky objects. The VX8L can also provide you with stunning visual images at higher magnifications and, be extremely useful in photographing the planets and the Moon.

Optical upgrades are available for each model and are featured in the Buying Options table below. See the differences here to help you decide.

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