Welcome to our new website & Thanks!

Our completely new website was uploaded just prior to Astrofest this February. The response has been incredible being presented to us by the monitoring statistics. In the period from Astrofest to today, the 22nd February, we are having 104% extra page hits, 32% increase in total visitors and an increase of 27% returning visitors. These figures coupled with our best Astrofest sales ever, 11% up on previous best year and, yearly sales to-date up 16% on previous best year’s start ever.

Obviously the web site traffic increase is a direct result of the web site improvement but sales increases in general can only be put down to what we believe is a general upturn in businesses in general both here in the UK and most EU countries.

We would like to thank everybody who has visited our web site and hope you continue to visit us and, thanks also to both new and existing customers for your increased support.

John and Barry