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Mirror Set for Ultrascope

Orion Optics UK are pleased to be able to provide optics for the Open Space Agency’s “Project Ultrascope” – The Ultrascope is a robotic telescope – or ARO – Automated Robotic Observatory, that will allow amateur astronomers to construct a do it yourself, 3.5 Inch mirror ARO that is able to conduct celestial photography and…

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New Italian Dealer

We welcome PrimaLuceLab (Italy) as our latest OOUK telescope dealer – born from the passion of two amateur astronomers (Filippo and Omar), with many years of experience in the creation and sale of products for astronomy, radio astronomy and photography. PrimaLuceLab develops new systems assembling different components, all compatible, that permit everybody to discover the…

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ODK10 First Light Image

Here’s a great First Light Image from Sara Wager in Spain. Totalling 25.5 hours integration time. Great colour balance and detail. Thanks Sara!

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CG4 in Puppis

Looking like a giant cosmic hand, or a giant space slug, reaching out to grab a poor defenseless distant edge-on galaxy (ESO 257-19) CG4 in Puppis is a dramatic example of a dusty cometary globule. Don’t be too alarmed, ESO 257-19 is in fact more than 100 million light years further away than CG4. This…

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Thanks to all those who called at our Stand at Astrofest 2015 to have a chat or place orders. We hope you enjoyed your time at the show. Barry & John

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New Rosette Image

Pete Shah has been working on a new image of the Rosette Nebula recently. Pete has his AG12 well tuned and you can see his image from the link opposite. Thanks Pete!

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See us at Astrofest!

We will (as usual) be at Astrofest, Kensington Conference & Events Centre, London on 6 & 7 February. Please come along for a chat and if you have any questions about our products – it’s a great time to get some one on one advice and information. We will have some great offers at the…

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Losmandy Setting Circle Kit

Losmandy has new Digital setting circle hardware for the G11 and GM8 mounts. Two 12288 line optical encoders with readers. Encoders lock to shafts, NO radial movement, 6 stainless steel pins are used for linear movement. This system gives full use of the clutches without any misreading. Machined aluminium housings to enclose optical encoders and…

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AG Telescopes – a Thank you & Special Offers

Because of the popularity of our AG Astrographs over the last few years, we have decided to try and appeal to a wider audience and make all the AG’s available for a limited period at a special offer price. The AG’s were developed with the help of several very experienced amateurs and semi-professionals to the…

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ODK Halos and Ghosting

Frequently we are asked to look at customers images, some of which show ghosting or halos around stars. Their query is that they think the telescope’s lens corrector system is creating these abnormalities. so, we asked Harrie Rutten, one of the World’s leading designers of optical systems to take a look at an ODK optical…

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